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This is more than BBQ — it's family.



I launched MooHogz BBQ in 2022, but my barbecue journey began in high school. Over the next three decades, my experience in the Air Force, community outreach, and teaching not only deepened my love for BBQ but also helped me discover the powerful role food plays in building community.

The turning point came after a visit to Franklin's BBQ in Austin, TX. Inspired by that trip, I embarked on a quest to master the perfect smoke and flavor, traveling through the heart of the Midwest, across central and east Texas, and even to the vibrant kitchens of Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

DALL·E 2024-05-03 10.51.48 - Illustration of 500 Gallon Austin Smokeworks Offset and J&R M

What’s on the Menu?

From tender brisket to smack-your lips vegan dishes and all the classic sides — creamy slaw, mac & cheese, and yes even southern flaky hand crafted biscuits. There’s something here for everyone.

What MooHogz is All About

BBQ's more than just food—it's about generations of tradition, technique, and passion. It's gathering family around, offering heart and soul on every plate. Our setup? A 500 Gallon Austin Smokeworks offset smoker and the big 700 from Texas icon J&R Manufacturing. And we fuel these beasts with Texas Post Oak wood—that’s how we achieve deep smoke perfection. No shortcuts, just authentic, smoky flavor every time.

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Such Sweet Endings

Don't miss out on our desserts—creamy key lime pie, lush pink velvet cake, and home-style banana pudding. So save some room.

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From Food Truck to Food Hall

Y'all know our food truck, right? It's been all over town, bringing you the best BBQ. Well, I’m thrilled to share that we're setting up shop at The Commons Food Hall in Unity Park, downtown Greenville (147 Welborn St., y'all remember that). Huge thanks for your support—it's what got us here. And don't worry, our truck's still making the rounds, meeting you right where you are.


Monday — Friday 7:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday 730 AM - 8:30 PM

Holidays: Closed. Catering only.

Join the Journey – Opportunities and Collaborations

Looking ahead, there’s a whole lot more we want to cook up with you. Interested in working with us? We’re on the lookout for folks who share our passion and want to join the team. Got a brand or a business? Let’s talk partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations. And for those who love trying new things—join our Beta Tasting program, where you can sample new dishes and help us perfect our menu. Your feedback might just shape our next big hit!


I mean it, thank you. Every one of you who stops by, you're like family. Your support keeps our fires burning and the smoke rolling. Come check out the new spot or flag down the truck. Either way, I'm looking forward to serving you more of that top-notch BBQ. Here's to more delicious meals and even better company!

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